Wood Sanders | Types And Options

One of the processes of woodworking is sanding the wood. Panels are made smoother after they have been sanded but the process of sanding by hand can cost you a lot of time, energy and money. To make sure you sand your boards faster and with ease, invest in a wood sander, another of the most basic woodworking machines. Then again, having wood sanders is not the enough for your woodworking as you need to have a powerful one. There is no difference between sanding by hand and using a wood sander that does not work. There are several types of wood sanders; some of which are made to be used on the wood floors and are referred to as wood floor sanders. To ensure that your hardwood floors does not have the splotches, dirt and scratches that make it ugly, use wood floor sanders once in a while.

There are three basic types of wood sanders; belt sanders, orbital sanders and disc woodworking sanders. They vary depending on the amount of sanding that needs to be done and the surfaces of sanding. The most common types of wood sanders are referred to as belt sanders. This is mostly popular with woodworkers who run businesses and are always sanding a lot of wood. These woodworking sanders are called belt sanders since they have a belt that revolves fast and sandpaper that is attached to the belt for sanding. The speed of the belt is adjustable and you can change it depending on the amount of sanding that is needed and how fast you want to sand. Most belt sanders are very heavy and this weight helps in stability.

When sanding using the belt wood sander, one has to be careful not to move the board carelessly as this could cause grooves and marks on the wood. This will reduce the quality of the wood and make it ugly. Wood sanders of this variety work very fast and produce a lot of dust. This calls for the use of protection devices like masks. They are hazardous if not carefully used so one needs to be especially careful.

The other variety of wood sanders is the disc wood sander, whose sandpaper is placed on a wheel which moves. One needs to have a lot of spare sandpaper in store when using disc wood sanders. Disc wood sanders are less vigorous when sanding a surface compared to belt sanders. This is perfect for those wood workers who do not have a lot of work to do.

The slowest of wood sanders is referred to as the orbital wood sander and is made for the hobbyist and not necessarily the businessman. This is the lightest of the wood sanders and can be held by hand when using it. The orbital wood sander moves in an orbit, thus is referred to as orbital. It is best for sanding away the grooves and marks left by the belt sander. It is the most effective sander although slow in performance.

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